Looking to save time and need templates for business communications in your business?

The Effective Email Template Toolbox

A Toolbox of Client Communication Email Templates for Virtual Assistants and Online Service Providers

Spend less time in your inbox & getall of the templates you needfor managing relationships with your current and future clients for years to come

The average Virtual assistant spends 6 hours per day in front of the computer how much of that time is spent writing email?

If you’re spending time on writing email you're not getting your work done.

Our comprehensive collection of email templates have been meticulously crafted to save you time, maintain consistency and ensure effective communication with your clients

I remember searching google, forums, etc trying to come up with the right words to say to my own clients over the last 10+ years and now I'm sharing all of my templates with you!

Let’s transform your client interactions into a seamless, efficient, and impressive experience

Elevate your business communcation

Perfect for virtual assistants and other self-employed service providers!

Online Business ManagersService ProvidersFreelancersCoaches Consultants Project Managers

What type of email templates are in the toolbox?

Inside this toolbox we'll give you 30+ of our best templates for:

  • Client Onboarding welcoming new clients outlining services, setting expectations, and information transfer to begin your partnership

  • Invoice follow-up be prepared for communicating with clients regarding any payment issues that can arise

  • Feedback and Testimonial Requests requesting feedback on your services and asking your satisfied clients for testimonials

  • Scope Creep and Boundary Setting emails to discuss contract renewals renegotiation, and termination of services

  • Re-engagement: These emails are sent to former clients to reconnect and potentially re-engage your partnership.

  • Request for Referral request referrals from your happy clients

  • Sales and Follow-up stay engaged with potential clients in your business with ease

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